About us

Welcome to Nolans of Kilcullen

We are first and foremost a Butchers with prizewinning products from Sausages, to Spiced Beef to our incredible Black & White Puddings, Home Cured Low Salt Rashers and Topside Hams. Our Beef is Dry Aged in the old fashioned way and our Sausages, Black and White Puddings and Beef Burgers are made fresh every morning.

Nolans of Kilcullen is more than just your normal Butchers, as in the store there is a Delicatessen, including local artisan Pates, Olives and Chutneys; Fresh Fish which is delivered five mornings a week from Kish Fish; Jams and chutneys from Award Winning Gibneys Garden Jams and Crossogue Preserves, Sheridans Cheeses, Wines from all over the world and fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

In everything, absolute quality is the key. Could we interest you in a lovely bottle of Argentinian Malbec to accompany your steak, or some of Janet’s scrumptious Beetroot Blush with our Black pudding? We are a one stop gourmet shop.

Our main aim…… to please you!

“What makes a shopper get in a car and undertake a 90-mile round trip, perhaps braving the rigors of the notorious m50 in the process? A good sausage is the lure for customers of Nolan’s of Kilcullen, co Kildare, who have been known to travel regularly from as far as south co Dublin for their fix. But there’s more to this co-Kildare butchers than their prizewinning bangers, even though they make an incredible 2,000lbs of them each week" - Marie Claire Digby of the Irish Times
About us

Our History

Nolans of Kilcullen established in 1886If we were watching “Reeling Back the Years” to give you an indication of how long ago that was:

  • Pharmacist Dr. John Styth Pemberton invents a carbonated beverage that would later be named "Coca-Cola".
  • The Karl Benz Patent Motorwagen (or motorcar), patented in 1886, is widely regarded as the first automobile, that is, a vehicle designed to be propelled by a motor.
  • The Statue of Liberty opened
  • X Ray Technology is invented
  • But most importantly Nolans of Kilcullen was established!

Nolans Butchers was indeed established in 1886. Set up in the main street of a small village in Co.Kildare known as Kilcullen, the Nolan brothers who established the business had a progressive and enterprising outlook: they supplied the new Free State army for some years, and as early as the 1930s they put lamb carcasses on the London market.

Our history

consolidation & Expansion

Andy, James's late father concentrated first on consolidation and in later years on modernisation and expansion. He recognised the importance of being able to comply with the rising standards required by the European Union and invested heavily in a new abattoir. This turned out to be a critically important decision and a right one. It allowed Nolans to continue their own slaughtering, retain full control over the production process and ensure the continuation of their quality standards.

James who understudied his father took over as head of the business 2002 and has continued the family tradition. He is just as particular as Andy about quality. Good meat comes not just from what happens behind the counter.

In June 2006 James undertook a massive expansion - the doors were closed and the entire shop was demolished. Every brick was taken down except for the front façade which is under a preservation order. The new store was opened on Dec 6th 2006.

This butchers shop has become something of an institution for many people. There are many obvious reasons for this, such as quality, reliability and value for money; Nolan's however has a unique atmosphere. Dubbed aptly as the "Social Centre of Kilcullen". There is a vibe in the shop that typifies the nature of the people of the area. People arrive not only for the meat but also for the "meet". It is this combination of guaranteed quality and the unique atmosphere that make Nolan's the butcher's with a difference.

The Gift of Life

Our Charity

James Nolan, yes Butcher James now 51 years of age had progressive renal failure from birth. For the first 19 years of his life he spent much of his time in hospital and had extensive medical treatments. In November 1986 at the age of 19 James was put on dialysis in the Meath Hospital, Dublin.In April 1987, the Nolan family began to consider the possibility of a transplant and various tissue tests were carried out to determine suitability of a donor within the family.

His sister Catherine was found to be 100% compatible as a kidney donor and volunteered to donate one of her kidneys. Both Catherine and James then needed to prepare for the operation. For James everything was controlled through his dialysis unit in the Meath Hospital. For Catherine, this included an intensive period of final testing. Once fully recovered, he decided to ‘put something back’ and approached The Punchestown Race Course and The Turf Club about the idea of a charity race. To date over €1.2 million has been raised for various kidney related projects.

About Kilcullen

Kilcullen is a picturesque village located on the river Liffey. Kilcullen keeps traditional crafts alive with family run businesses located back to the 19th century still operating strongly.Nolans of Kilcullen est. 1886

Berneys Sadlery

In 1880 Peter Berney, founded his small saddlery workshop at the heart of Irelands' equestrian epicentre in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare. This master craftsman could have hardly dreamt his small shop would span the centuries, to become one of the Worlds most respected producers of quality tack.

Bernard Berney Pharmacy

Renowned not only for his excellent pharmaceutical advice but also his acting prowess, the late Bernard Berney entertained audiences from far and wide in the popular Kilcullen Drama Group productions. His son John Berney and Partner Pharmacist John Coleman continue to provide exceptional service for the local community.

Peacockes Shoe Makers

In 2008 the Peacocke sign on Kilcullen's Main Street represented 50 years of Hugh's shoe repair business. Between Hugh himself and his son Ger they have over 100 years of making and repairing shoes. Famous not just in Kilcullen, but across the country. Peacocke’s customers included the late Charles Haughey, then Taoiseach; and a bunch of aristocrats who included the Lords Waterford, Hemphill, and Killanin.

Wining and Dining

In addition Kilcullen has Award Winning Fallons Restaurant and the quaint “An Tearmann” operated by the Camphill community